Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Hands up for henna.

Make a copy.
Save in the reading folder.

Answer all questions.

  1. Do you like the henna designs? How would you describe the Henna designs?  Use 2 or 3 adjectives.
The henna designs is nice and used for using arms and legs.
The henna design looks very nice and beautyful and it has the good look.

2. Complete the PMI for having your arms and feet decorated with henna.
Henna has a nice colour to decorate the arms and feet to show how light it is.

3. Why give a warning about hair dye on skin?
Using black hair dye will not be good for the skin at night.
Never use black hair dye for arms and legs.

4. Why do you think henna decoration has become so popular?
Because the henna design has so much in common and the colour has brown and black to make the colour change.

5. List the steps required when creating a henna decoration.
There was dramatic

6. Explain why the title of this story is so clear. Give this story another title and say why you chose that title.
I chose this story because it can give you some interesting vocabs and it can also give some interesting word.

7.Make up your own henna design for either your feet or your hands.Draw the outline black and the inside orange/red.
Henna is design can either for your feet or for your arms but
8. What are the traditional reasons for henna decorations.

9. “ From the bushes the leaves are harvested, dried and then turned into powder.” How do you think they harvest it?

10. Find out about the healing and spiritual properties of henna.

descriptive Paragraph.

Monday 6 Novmember 2017...
Descriptive Paragraph.


Loud people.
Gun powder

Did you Know…
Did you know that each firework type has a specifis name attached to it, based on the effect it produce  when it goes off in the sky. Now, isn’t that fascinating.
Ever heard of pony, dahlia, and chysanthemum? Yes, they are all manes of flowers, but have you ever associated them with fireworks?
Image result for diadem fireworks.

Fireworks are beautiful and pretty. They have lots of colours that fit together in the sky. I like the diadem fireworks because they have lots of pretty colours that are wonderful and amazing to watch when someone sets it in the sky. I like all the other different kinds of fireworks too. But my favourite one of all of them is the peony. The peony firework is named after a flower. Because it looks like a flower in the sky. All of these fireworks are amazing, and that puts a smile on my face! I love the fireworks!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What make human different then other animals.

  • I will begin my story in an interesting way.
  • I will use my five senses to give a better description of  the setting and the characters.
  • I will use showing not telling sentences to help the readers draw a picture in their minds.
  • I will use figurative language to make my story more interesting
  • I will re-read my story to make sure it makes sense.
  • I will use my success criteria as a checklist.

Screenshot 2017-09-19 at 11.10.12.png
It was a hot summer day where a man named max meet a monkey at the zoo. Him and his friend sam were both looking at the monkey thinking about what food should It eat at night. They thought of something that was yellow and bright and It was a banana. The monkey was really hungry It wanted some banana from max and sam. But sam was no longer giving the banana to the monkey while he was hungry.

When sam and max gave the banana to the monkey the monkey started jumping onto sam and max while they were runing away.but when max and sam were really scared to explain why the monkey started chace them. But the monkey was really fast when he want the banana.

Sam and max explain how the monkey got out of Its cage. But sam and max made a face that the monkey would follow them back where it came from until they gave the banana back to the monkey. Suddenly the monkey felt sad when he wanted the banana and how he felt by leaving the zoo with them at night.

When monkeys turn into human they have a really sence of humer and selling other food like human and nature food like bananas and apples. But some like us are really different then other people.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Basic facts Assessment

Inri Friday 30 june 2017

As for me i need to keep trying on my math until i can get more better when I am doing my math. but just before I did my math on stage level 4 and also my score was 20% and I was on stage 4 for timed.
Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 10.29.03.png

Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 10.28.07.png
On prototec I have been learning my math and the only I thing I could not do is I don’t no how to do my 10 times table and 100 time table and they really hard for me to work on.

Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 10.27.58.png

When I tryed my math It was really easy for me to learn and how I know my basic facts until i need to practicse and practices so I could be more better next time when I’m doing my math.

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Screenshot 2017-05-19 at 11.12.47.png

WALT-write a narrative story.

WALT-write a narrative story.

Success Criteria:

- I must use adjectives and adverbs effectively.
- I can follow the structure of a narrative.
- I can edit my writing very well.

Title: Garden Adventure.

Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 12.01.35.png

It was a pitch black night and these two sisters were walking sadly along the footpath. The two sisters strolled to see if they could find their way back home. As they were walking, they couldn’t see a thing because it was very dark. Until a few moments later, they spotted a light, which was extremely bright.

As it was pitch black the light came down as if It was going to shine the light to the two sisters. But sadly as the two sisters still walking on the footpath. When the two sisters touched the light they started playing with It. but later on that evening the light made the two sister eyes go blind. But suddenly the little sister look at her big sister and said to her are you okay. But her sister did not responce to her while she kept looking at the light as long as she can.

But the next day was when the too sisters kept looking at the light to much